Turnaround Consulting Training, Coaching and Resource Network in a Post Covid-19 World.

Perry Marshall on What is a Turnaround?

Why Now




Post Covid-19


Let's Face it. The world will never be the same, but in this post Covid-19 World every business will need to perform it's own turnaround. 

Bleeding Neck


Many businesses who were living in denial have suddenly been awakened to the reality of HAVING to adapt. Companies and Businesses that otherwise had been resistant to change, wont be.

Find Opportunities


If you consider it unethical to make the most out of a bad situation, this isn't for you. Many businesses will need help making a transition and we are here to facilitate it. 

Pivot Moment


Perhaps this is the right time for you to add a capability or make a personal pivot. There is tremendous opportunity out there! 

Why You Should Join

There are 32.5 Million businesses in the U.S. and Every one of them will HAVE to perform their own "turnaround" to a greater or lesser extent. It is our job to find, profile and engage to help them adapt, and you can be part of the team. 

Turnaround their sales process 

Turnaround their marketing focus

Turnaround their costs and overhead

Turnaround their systems (or lack thereof) 

Turnaround their position in the market

Turnaround Engine Network TEAM


The Turnaround Consulting Team

John Paul Mendocha


Turnaround consultant with 27 years of experience and 20 executed turnarounds to date co-author of "Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes"  and "Remote Work for a Better World" John is the "Analog" side of this equation.


Gabe Bautista


The digital side of this team and co-author of "Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes" and "Remote Work for a Better World" Logistics and Implementation are his home ground. 



Are You Ready to Play at This Level?


Where do you fit? 

Turnaround Consulting Training


The Innovators, the Bleeding edge. Watch the sausage being made and be in on the action. The 5 part kicks off with a small group of true trailblazers that join John Paul and Gabe in this adventure.


See Real Deals Take Shape 


Early Adopters have opportunities that later participants will be envious of. The Early Adopters join the Innovators and prepare the groundwork for the full release. The goal is to create a network that generates deal flow and opportunities to all involved. 







Part of turnaround work can involve investment and acquisition strategies that will be available to members of the network. If you are interested in this aspect of Turnaround Engine Network, be sure to reach out.  

Turnaround Engine Network Membership


Join the Network



The Innovators


$ 497 Sign up

Initial Period Through Oct 31st 2020

$397 a Month grandfathered* after that

3 Calls a Month


* requires continuous enrollment


Early Adopter Group


$ 697 Sign Up

Initial Period Through Oct 31st 2020

$497 a Month grandfathered* after that

4 Calls a Month



* requires continuous enrollment

TEN 1.0

Full Release


$ 1,500 /Month

$1500 Sign Up*

Launch Nov 1st, 2020

3 Calls a Month


* Sign up fee and first month due at the time of registration

TEN Frequently Asked Questions Webinars


TEN Frequently Asked Questions Webinars

What are Members saying?


Be part of the tribe ⏤ the time is now


You are more qualified to do this than 99.5 % of the people out there … you make a great war time president [...] Yes, let’s do it”

Perry Marshall 

Author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing 

I know of no one else in the area of Turnarounds that can do what John Paul Mendocha can do"

Jack Born

Entrepreneur and Inventor of the "Tactical Triangle" 

I didn't even listen to the presentation, as soon as I knew that John Paul and Gabe are driving this Bus I knew I had to be in. This comes at a time of my life where I am looking to leverage the connections and industry expertise that I have accumulated over my career"

Dike Drummond, MD

Physician and Medical Trainer

It is a privilege to be part of this program as Charter member #7. Doing deals is a natural extension of what I already do"

Richard Duggal

Real Estate Speaker and Coach